Counselling And Financial Advises

Counselling is legal aid for a client, representing or protecting the client during and prior to the proceedings, composing legal documents and doing legal procedures in her interest as well as communicating with third parties and collecting proofs in the interest of the client where necessary.

Counsellor’s tasks are (considering the specific needs of the client):
– provide opinions, explanations and answers to the legal questions;
– explain what kind of legal rules the client has to fulfill and analyze the implementation;
– provide suggestions on how to ensure the legitimacy of her actions and the means to protect her interests and rights;
– compose or take part of composing or formulating legal documents;
– communicate with third persons in the interest of the client including the public authorities and perform legal actions in the interest of the client or the employer;

Financial Counsellors are skilled professionals, bound by a Code of Ethical Practice to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

  • Advise for investment in Real Estates

  • Shares and Stocks

  • Names, Patents and Trademark

  • Mutual Funds

  • Insurance

  • Credit Rating and Upraisal

  • Portfolio Management

  • Import-Export Code